People Who Matter to Me

My husband J.D. Walker

manages the research and evaluation team at the University of Minnesota’s Office of Information Technology.  We travel the world together tasting craft beer and share two beautiful girls, Sugar and Olive.



My Sister Paula Tiberius

is a writer, filmmaker, musician and artist.  She made a feature film called Goldirocks, created a kids’ album called Be Who You Are, wrote a novel called The Cowboy Singer and has an Etsy shop for her lino block prints. Her blog is very funny and often involves cute stories about my niece. Her husband Richard is a rock and roll legend, and a highly entertaining brother-in-law. 

My Sister Kiry Tiberius

studied opera at USC, and founded Tiberius Art Studio with our father Richard Tiberius with whom she apprentices, creating ‘portraits of the natural world.’ A new video of their work shows their knife-painting process that is fascinating! Kiry’s husband Kyle Matthews is a gifted Licensed Massage Therapist, tech wizard, and also a highly entertaining brother-in-law!

My Mother Merike Lugus

is a writer, painter, and sculptor, currently working on innovative new techniques you can check out at her website.  Above is her painting, “The Zebras Did Not Harm Her.” Her novel, Leaving Lake Surrender, will be available on Amazon shortly.

My father Richard Tiberius

 is an educational psychologist and a painter. He recently retired from the Educational Development Office at the University of Miami medical school to paint full time at Tiberius Art Studio with my sister Kiry.  His wife, Joyce Slingerland is curing cancer! And she is an extraordinary human being.

Michael and Loreta Parente-Hayman

are old friends who make beautiful Celtic jewelry.




My friend Margaret Wall Romana

makes beautiful paintings that are too big for the walls of my house. This is a detail from her painting, “Towards and Away.”