The Problem of Conflicting Goals

Video Presentation by Valerie Tiberius

Conflicts among our goals are a major impediment to living a good life. Conflicts frustrate competing goals and they also cause us to wonder if we’re on the wrong path. In this talk, Professor Valerie Tiberius presents a constructive way of thinking about goal conflicts and how to resolve them.

Moderated by Professor Howard Nusbaum.

Preparing For Happiness During The Pandemic

Spring 2020, University of Minnesota Alumni Association Magazine

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Valerie Tiberius’s Presidential Address at the Central Division of the American Philosophical Association

March 3, 2017, in Kansas City, Missouri. Click picture for audio.

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Panel Discussion, “Cultivating Character:  The Art of Living”, third part of the series “From Knowledge to Wisdom:  Science and the Good Life”

The New York Academy of Sciences, New York, February 3, 2016

Very Bad Wizards (podcast) – A Philosopher and Psychologist Ponder Human Morality

December 3, 2015 – click picture to listen

Description: Special guest Valerie Tiberius joins us to talk about values, well-being, and friendship. What role should reflection play in the good life? What about emotion? How can we make our values more consistent and sustainable? Do we know our friends better than we know ourselves? Plus, are philosophers experts? Experts of what? What are the boundaries of our discipline? And what motivates a gay Mormon to stay in the Church? In the first segment, David and Tamler list a few things they’re grateful for on Thanksgiving, including you, the listeners (awwwwww…)

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